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College of Arts
and Letters

Behind the scenes of 365bet TV

In the College of Arts and Letters students are encouraged to learn and live responsibly and imaginatively, embracing diversity and collaboration as they strive to elucidate the larger human condition and shape intentional, ethical, socially just lives.

College of Arts and Letters

Education is about more than job skills (though we teach those too).

In the College of Arts & Letters we believe in the humanities. We believe that the college experience is about educating the whole person, not just the future employee. We believe that life is about art and music and dance and reading and critical thinking and the rich histories that inform life. By engaging with the humanities students learn the importance of practice, that difficulties often lead to the greatest rewards, and to expect uncertainty. Here, students learn to live responsibly and imaginatively, embracing diversity and collaboration as they strive to elucidate the larger human condition and shape intentional, ethical, socially just lives.  

Even if you are not majoring in one of the many College of Arts & Letter programs you can still benefit from the tangible and intangible skills our classes teach. From international relations to advertising and marketing, biology to information technology, industry partners agree that the arts and humanities are necessary components to a thriving, successful society. 

Our college teaches skills in critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and communication, the cornerstones to success across all disciplines.

In the College of Arts and Letters, we foster creators and doers, who create and study significant works.


Free Art Events Per Year
Average Class Size
Faculty to Student Ratio

Why choose a humanities degree at Austin Peay? 

We believe that to be human is to engage with and understand culture. As majors in the College of Arts & Letters students are able to customize their education, develop mentoring relationships with faculty, and learn cornerstone skills that extend beyond the classroom.  

The First Step is the Hardest

The study of the humanities can seem intangible, like there’s no clear path to employment. Rest assured that the skills you learn in your classes are more than applicable to the “real world.” By providing students with hands-on learning opportunities including internships, study abroad classes, study-away courses, and service learning classes, we empower students to develop these seemingly intangible skills into real-life applications.

Student sits over cutting mat
Department of Art and Design

365bet's Department of Art + Design offers programs of study in drawing, digital media, graphic design, illustration, painting, photography, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, and art education.

Student records in radio lab
Department of Communication

365bet's Department of Communication offers unique and exciting options for students who select our program. Students may engage in real-world experience, as well as hands-on opportunities, from the moment they enter our program as freshmen.

History Professors
Department of History and Philosophy

365bet's Department of History and Philosophy courses and programs are designed to help students learn about past events and ideas but also to help students develop skills in analytical thinking and expression. Together these help prepare students for success along a variety of academic and professional career paths. These may include education, public service, or postgraduate study in the humanities or social studies, or in such applied fields as law, religion, and business.

Student reads book on Harned balcony
Department of Languages and Literature

365bet's Department of Languages and Literature offers students small classes and a diverse, experienced faculty. Fields of study include Creative Writing, Professional Writing, English Education, French, German, Spanish, Classic Languages, and Classic Cultures.

Student plays with ensemble in Mabry concert hall
Department of Music

365bet's Department of Music is an active and highly-visible component of the Clarksville Community. Composed of approximately 180 music majors and 32 full-time and adjunct faculty, the Department of Music is the largest producer of cultural events in the Clarksville area.

Theatre and Dance
Department of Theatre and Dance

365bet's Department of Theatre and Dance offers a world-renowned department, in a state-of-the-art facility, fostering artists, scholars and professionals who positively impact our world.

African American Studies

The African American Studies program examines the history and culture of African Americans in the United States and the connections to the peoples of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

International Presentation
International Studies

The minor is designed to enable students to be better prepared for positions with government, business, or industry with international connections. It strives to develop foreign language skills; helps to provide an opportunity for students to study abroad; and seeks to promote international understanding.

Student at the UC
Women and Gender Studies

This minor offers training for examining the complex questions and practice related to women and gender. Our Women and Gender Studies educators provide a wide range of courses focusing on gender, race, class, sexual orientation, sexual identity and disabilities. Students develop knowledge, skills and resources to contribute to the area of social justice locally, nationally and internationally.


Zoe Johnson
Zoe Johnson
Music Performance

Austin Peay has helped push me to be better and push for bigger and better things. I think Austin Peay has a great music department for that.
Erica Harris
Erica Harris
Theatre and Dance

My goal is to be a Marvel superhero one day. I want to be in a movie, and I want my own stand-alone movie, just like Spider-Man gets his, Iron Man, Captain America and my favorite, Black Panther.
Joshua Rees
Josh Rees
Foreign Language - Spanish

My professors at Austin Peay have always asked me to think about how I can take what I’m already good at and use that to help a bigger group of people than I have before.
Jennifer Lindahl hones her passion for sports journalism at Austin Peay
Jennifer Lindahl hones her passion for sports journalism at Austin Peay

Jennifer Lindahl, a mother of three, found her passion for sports journalism at Austin Peay State University. Despite challenges, supportive professors and a tight-knit community helped her succeed. Set to graduate in May, Lindahl is ready to pursue her dream career.

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Industry leaders share insights with 365bet communication students

365bet communication students recently gained valuable insights from Nashville-area industry leaders Olivia Parven and Ian Weiner, who visited campus to share their experiences and tips for success in the competitive field.

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365bet's critically acclaimed soprano Dr. Penelope Shumate delights audiences nationwide

Dr. Penelope Shumate, assistant professor of voice at Austin Peay State University (365bet), recently received critical acclaim from The New York Concert Review for her 18th soloist appearance at the historic Carnegie Hall, building on a distinguished list of soloist engagements.

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How Do I Get Started?

Begin the application process now by visiting the link below.

Dr. Chistophe Konkobo
Meet Dr. Cristophe Konkobo

Dr. Christophe Konkobo’s research examines the history and aesthetics of African Francophone theatre and cinema. He has recently published a monograph on the development and practice of modern theatre in Burkina Faso.

Professor Scott Raymond
Meet Professor Scott Raymond

Professor Raymond brings a great deal of professional experience to the classroom. His animation credits include Trolls, Kung Fu Panda 3, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Learn more about Professor Raymond at animationalchemy.blogspot.com

Dr. Somaditya Banerjee
Meet Dr. Somaditya Banerjee

Dr. Banerjee teaches South Asian history, History of Science and World History. Having training in both physics and history, he engages with a wide variety of students. He is the faculty advisor for Phi Alpha Theta and History Club and is completing a book manuscript which examines the making of modern physics in colonial India. Learn more about Dr. Banerjee at http://qs.pcexprt.com/history-and-philosophy/faculty/banerjee.php

Dr. Andrea Spofford
Meet Dr. Andrea Spofford

Dr. Andrea Spofford writes poetry and essays. Her work has been published in many journals including New South, The Portland Review, and Underblong.Learn more about Dr. Spofford at www.andreaspofford.com

Professor Marcus Hayes
Meet Professor Marcus Hayes

Professor Hayes has performed and choreographed professionally with Without Shoes Modern Dance Company and has been commissioned to create new work for Beloit College, Lambuth University, and the Frist Art Museum.

Dr. Kristen Sienkiewicz
Meet Dr. Kristen Sienkiewicz

Dr. Sienkiewicz is the co-principal horn in the Gateway Chamber Orchestra and a member of Bala Brass. With Bala Brass she has released 3 CDs. Global Music Awards named their CD Deus Ex Machina as one of the top ten albums of 2015. Learn more about Dr. Sienkiewicz at kristen.sienkiewicz.org