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Parents and Families

Family spending time at an outside Austin Peay event
Be there with your student.

College can be one of the most exciting periods in one's life. And one of the most instrumental influences to the success of a student is a well-informed parent. We are here to help you be there for all the big moments your student will experience during their time at Austin Peay State University.

We’ve all heard it takes a village to raise a child. In the same sense, it takes a village to get a student through college!

At Austin Peay State University, we share your desire to see your student graduate with their college degree. More than that, we want your student to have a meaningful educational experience and leave 365bet with unforgettable memories, lifelong friends and the knowledge needed to succeed.

With that in mind, we have developed this site to help you become familiar with our community and the resources available to your student. As you talk with your student, please remind them about our free health, counseling, and academic support services such as the Learning Resource Center and Student Success as well as co-curricular development and leadership experiences. Students also have opportunities to experience volunteerism, community service, research with faculty, and gain internships.  


Resources for Parents and Families to Stay Informed

Austin Peay Parent and Family Experience Portal 

365bet provides parents and families with campus and other supportive information through our Parent and Family Experience Portal. The portal provides up-to-date news and calendar dates, announcements, and information on specific areas of interest such as filing the FAFSA, Housing families, military affiliated families, and student career support. The portal is also a source of insight intended to assist families to enhance support of their students. Current and prospective parents and families are encouraged to join the portal which only requires an email address. Email updates are sent, important announcements and alerts are emailed, and families can check the portal anytime. Click here to join.
Already joined? Click here to login.

Stay Informed with the Austin Peay Parent and Family Association

The Austin Peay Parent and Family Association (APPA) serves as one of the resources for parents and families as they support students during the transition to the University and through the journey toward graduation. Regular email communications are sent to parents and families with information to help keep students on track, campus happenings, and more. There is no cost to join the APPA. Click here to join.

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